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Quality Materials

We Provide Highly Functional Rugs In Dubai

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Add Comfort

Our rug collection is designed with the finest quality fibers to add comfort to your place.

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Restrict Slip Trips

With their fiber structure, our floor rugs provide friction and resist slip trips for your safety.

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Trap Allergens

Wind contains allergens; our floor rugs trap those harmful miniatures and ensure a healthy environment.

Interior Designing Offers A Variety Of Floor Rugs


Natural Fiber Rugs

Our natural fiber rugs are 100% made of plant fibers and are completely eco-friendly.


Synthetic Fiber Rugs

We provide synthetic rugs to add strength and beauty to your home and office floors.


Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs Dubai is made to add a luxurious feel to your place. They add extreme comfort to your floors.


Persian Rugs

Our Persian rugs with traditional patterns provide the most attractive appearance to your floors.

Some Of Our Trendy Rugs Are Uploaded Below

Interior designing has introduced some flawless rug types that do not compromise functionality elements. Some of these trendy rugs’ pictures are mentioned below so you can check out our latest designs.

What Services Do We Offer For Rugs In Dubai?


Rug Placement

Placing a rug under the furniture abruptly may destroy the interior appearance; we expertly place rugs for your convenience.


Online Services

Approach us online to get instant rug services at your doorstep in Dubai and other regions of UAE.

Endless Variety

Endless Variety

Featuring fiber types, shades, designs, or patterns, we have a variety of floor rugs on our platform.


Free Sampling

Interior Designing presents free rug catalogs and samples to help you in the design selection process.

Where Can Our Rugs Be Placed?

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Drawing rooms

#1 office rugs

Work Places

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Commercial areas

Get Custom-Made Floor Rugs At Your Doorstep

We offer ready-made as well as customized floor rugs for your maximum convenience. Do you want a custom-made rug for your place? Book our services now & choose fiber type, design, shade, patterns, and shape to get a dream rug at reasonable charges. We cover the entire Dubai with our online rug services.

Reasons For Choosing Our Rug Services In Dubai

Being a trustworthy interior company, we present high-quality & affordable rugs to enhance the functionality of your place’s floor. You can book us whenever you require any service regarding floor rugs. We are a top-rated rug supplier in Dubai; our experts are available to give you tips about selecting the right rugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

The main benefit of floor rugs is to add comfort. Moreover, rugs are designed to anchor furniture, resist slip-trips, & also trap dirt particles to keep you safe from minor illnesses.

We have a variety of animal skin rugs available on our platform. Also, you can get a customized one per your requirements and your area’s demands. Interior designing offers full customization options, including sizes, shades, animal patterns, designs, and fiber types so you can style your place’s floor following your interior plan.

We provide nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic rugs for moisture containing areas. They are good at providing stability and handling heavy foot traffic. These easy to maintain rugs are moisture and stain resistant.

Natural fiber rugs do not need a high-maintenance routine to stay luxurious. You can go for daily vacuuming or a monthly steam cleaning to keep them neat and clean.

It is highly recommended by interior designers to place rugs under the furniture. This way of styling adds stability to the furniture and saves your floor from furniture-drag scratches.