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Buy the Best SPC Flooring Solution in Dubai

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SPC Floor Tiles

Enjoy the look of real wood with our SPC floor tiles in Dubai. They are available in different wooden textures.

spc planks

SPC Planks

We provide the most stunning designs of SPC planks in the UAE to create a stylish appearance in your interior.

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SPC Sheet

Make your floors easy to clean with our top-quality SPC sheets. They require little maintenance to stay in mint condition.

How Do We Install SPC Floors in Dubai?


Order Placement

Our customers can order our flooring products in any region in the UAE. We feature an extensive design collection of SPC floor treatments.


Free Quotation

We offer the most affordable pricing for installing SPC floors in your place, with the nearest date for installation.


Floor Preparation

Our team always ensures that the subfloor is prepared well for smooth installation. It increases the efficiency of the flooring project.



You will get the most reliable new flooring installation in your homes and commercial places from our expert working team.

Our Stunning SPC Floor Designs in Dubai

We have transformed many interiors with the eye-catching appearance of our SPC floors.

Reasons to Buy Our SPC Flooring in Dubai


Realistic Appearance

We provide the most life-like wooden textures of SPC floor tiles in Dubai and you can add natural beauty to your place with our flooring treatments.


Scratch Resistance

You will get the most stunning floor solution from us, as they are scratch resistant. They are made to last for many years.


Rigid Core

SPC is one of the most durable flooring Dubai materials that can withstand high foot traffic and impact intensity without any damage.


Sound Absorption

Unlike regular floors, you will feel a lot of comfort and luxury in your place because of the sound absorption feature of our SPC flooring.

Our Working Areas

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Abu Dhabi

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Dubai Downtown

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Palm Jumeirah

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Emirates Hills

Call Us Anytime to Get Free Measurements

We have team members in every region of the United Arab Emirates to serve our customers at their locations. You can call us to book a free appointment with our experts. They will help you choose a suitable flooring for your place. You can also ask for free samples to check the quality of the flooring products. Buy the best SPC flooring in Dubai from us with friendly consultations.

Why Choose Us?

Interior Designing is a leading company in Dubai for all kinds of home improvement services. Our SPC flooring is incredibly famous in the UAE because of its durability and stylish appearance. You can choose both traditional or modern designs from our latest collection. Contact us now to book the professional fitting of our modern flooring solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

SPC flooring is made to withstand the high foot traffic in commercial buildings and office areas. You can choose this flooring for your commercial place without doubting the color fastness.

You can install this flooring in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms or kitchens. They come with complete water resistance, which makes them superior to traditional wooden flooring.

SPC floor tiles are a better option than the other flooring solutions in UAE. They provide complete sound insulation, making your place calm. You’ll experience significant noise reduction in your busy areas with this modern flooring.

SPC flooring can look great with any décor style. They come in both light and dark shades to blend with all interior themes. You can choose our latest modern and traditional textures of SPC planks.