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Expert Installation

Hire our experts because motorized blinds’ installation needs special care and professional methods.

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We ensure 24/7 online assistance regarding motorized window blinds in the UAE.

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For quality assurance, you can get free of cost samples from us by sending us a single online request.

Advantages Of Getting Our Motorized Window Treatments



Electric blinds do not need any effort to control their fabric folds; instead, you can operate them with a single remote button.


100% Privacy

Our remote-control motorized Blinds offer complete privacy by fitting precisely to your window structure.



Due to not frequent manual operations and durable material options, these blinds are proven more durable.



Our blinds require low-cleaning routines because of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), aluminum, and other material options.

Look At Our Latest Motorized Blinds Designs

Our most hyped patterns for motorized window blinds are uploaded below so you can select the best one for your place.

Interior Designing Presents Maximum Customization Options



Let us know your window measurements to get a properly sized motorized blind for your place’s window.


Material Options

Interior designing presents materials like PVC, aluminum, and durable material options for electric blinds.


Patterns Availability

We have floral, geometrical, and different patterned blinds Dubai available for your window styling.



We offer every accessory for your remote control blinds for beautification and proper functioning in Dubai.

What Services Do We Offer For Electric Blinds In The UAE?

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Motor Fixation

Can A Manual Blind Turn Into A Motorized One?

Turning a manual blind into an electric window blind is possible; experts on our team fix a motor inside the tilt of your existing blind. This motor is directly attached to the window blind and helps it operate with a remote control system. Contact us anytime to convert your window blinds to motorized ones within reasonable charges.

Why Choose Our Services?

Being a leading company for quality blinds and services, Interior Designing presents the best treatment for motorized window blinds in the UAE. From the variety of materials, shades, patterns, and customization options to the blind’s fixation, motor installation, and accessories availability, everything is available at our platform within an affordable price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

These blinds are designed to work with a remote control system by pressing a single button. They offer complete privacy and light control with no effort and can be operated in seconds.

Smart window blinds are effortless to operate and save time by completing your demand in seconds. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and operate; you can also operate them from a distance.

Send us a request on our official website or call our experts and ask for a free catalog by providing your details, including your name, proper address, and valid phone number.

Our smart blinds are easier to clean and maintain even if there are any stains. We provide different material options; PVC and aluminum add 100% protection against stains, scratches, and radiations so they can be maintained even with a dry or wet fabric. Thick fabrics and sheets can be managed with non-chemical cleaners and a microfiber cloth.

The other common names used for motorized window blinds are smart blinds, remote control blinds, timesaver window blinds, and electric window blinds.