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We Provide Various Rugs For Your Outdoor Areas

hand made polyester rugs

Polyester Rugs

Our polyester rugs for moisture-prone areas are affordable and come with soft fibers.

Nylon outdoor Rugs

Nylon Rugs

We provide durable nylon rugs with high-resistance against moisture and stains.

Polypropylene outdoor Rugs

Polypropylene Rugs

These rugs are free from fungal growth and are easily maintainable compared to other outdoor rug materials.

Benefits Of Our High-Quality Outdoor Rugs


Beautify The Place

We present evergreen rug patterns like floral, geometrical, and checkered to complement your outdoor area.


Withstand Harshness

Our rugs are designed to bear continuous loads, weather changes, and pet scratches without losing their luxurious appearance.


Clean Environment

These rugs trap dirt particles and allergens with their fibers and provide a clean atmosphere.


Low Maintenance

These rugs are easy to care for and can be used in all circumstances.

Explore Our Trendy Rug Collection For Your Outdoor Area

Our rugs come with a list of materials of premium quality. These rugs are specially designed to beautify your outdoor floors and add to their comfort and usability. Some of the rugs’ pictures are uploaded below, so you can pick the one that suits your requirements.

Our Highlighted Services For Outdoor Floor Rugs


Free Samples

We offer free samples for our outdoor area rugs at your place, so you can double-check the quality of the material without visiting us.


Rug Placement

Knowing the decoration theme, we expertly place the rug where it complements the overall place’s décor.


Online Assistance

Our company provides complete online assistance for moisture-resistant area rugs; connect with us for expert consultations with a click.

various option

Various Options

At our platform, we present hundreds of evergreen rug patterns and shades in various materials for highly functional floors.

Where Can Our Outdoor Area Rugs Be Placed?

gazebo outdoor rugs


Outdoor garden

Outdoor Garden

patio garden outdoor rugs


pool deck rugs

Entrance Point

porch outdoor rugs


pool deck rugs

Pool Deck

Get Customized Rugs For Patio Styling From Us

Styling a patio, gazebo, or garden is not always easy; choosing a perfect décor theme and aligning every little detail with it is the major approach to styling your outdoor area. For your convenience, we present maximum customization options for outdoor floor rugs, so you don’t have to compromise the decor theme with any ready-made rug available.

Reasons For Choosing Our Rug Services For Your Outdoor Place?

Interior Designing is a top-notch, Dubai-based interior company that is known for serving high-quality rugs at affordable rates to enhance the functionality of your outdoor floors. We offer our quality rugs in a list of patterns and colors in Dubai to fulfill your requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Our rugs are made with high-quality fibers, featuring 100% resistance against water, stains, and chemicals. These rugs are designed to bear extreme environmental changes so that they can be left outside even in the rain. We provide easily maintainable rugs with attractive patterns and colors to go with your outdoor décor. They can withstand high traffic and wear and tear even for years.

Outdoor areas need to be styled with a specific type of soft flooring that appears well and makes walking comfortable. Our outdoor rugs come in different shades to beautify your outdoor area and are made of high-quality, super-resistant fibers to enhance the functionality of the floor. Moreover, they add comfort, warmth, and style to your place and protect your floor from harsh furniture scratches and continuous traffic.

Outdoor floors are prone to staining, moisture damage, and foot fall. We provide nylon, acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene rugs to enhance the comfort of outdoor floors. These highly functional and moisture resistance rugs offer a decorative addition with their eye-catching colors and patterns, enhancing the overall ambience.

Yes, we offer various customization options for rugs on our platform. As the #1 interior company, Interior Designing offers a range of fabric types, colors, and patterns. You can call our experts and tell them details about your outdoor area décor and rug requirements, including measurements, fiber type, colors, and patterns. Moreover, tell your exact address, accurate phone number, and name so that you can get your order at your place within in a timely manner in Dubai and its nearby areas.

Outdoor area rugs must be moisture-resistant and capable of withstanding environmental changes and impact damage. Other factors include colors, patterns and styling; this is important if you don’t want to ruin the existing decor of your place. Moreover, it is also important to always check out more than five brands for price and quality comparison before purchasing a rug.