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We Present Different Materials For Roller Window Blinds

Aluminum roller blinds

Aluminum Blinds

Our aluminum roller blinds are highly durable because they add resistance against moisture and fungal growth.

bamboo roller blinds

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo is cost-effective, adds complete privacy without blocking 100% outside light, and is preferable for outdoor areas.

PVC roller blinds in UAE

PVC Blinds

Our PVC materials for roller window blinds offer maximum resistance against water, stains, scratches, and radiations.

Our Highlighted Services For Roller Window Treatments



Interior Designing presents maximum blind customization regarding size, design, pattern, material, and accessories.



Our highly experts team flawlessly fix the roller blinds Dubai into your window structure within minutes.


Online Approach

Connect with our professionals online in case of any roller window blind service booking or clearing your query.



We offer free window measurement services in Dubai on one call at your place so you get accurate-sized window blinds.

Explore Our Latest Roller Window Blinds’ Variety

Our brand’s most trendy patterns of window blinds Dubai are uploaded below so you can select the one that goes with your place’s interior.

Benefits Of Introducing Our Roller Window Blinds


Operationally Easy

These window treatments are easy to operate with a rope (if are manual), or with a remote control system (motorized).


Full-On Privacy

Roller window blinds, if closed, cover the entire window structure; hence, they are the best window treatments for 100% privacy.


Interior Beautification

With their evergreen patterns and eye-catchy shades options, these blinds add a beautiful increment to the interior theme.


Durability Factor

Roller blinds are considered the most durable window treatments because of their easy maintenance routine.

We Offer Our Services in Different UAE Areas

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kitchen roller blinds in Dubai


new roller blinds in dubai


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kitchen roller blinds in UAE

Abu Dhabi

Get Manual and Electric Roller Window Blinds from Us

These blinds are available in both styles, manual and electric. Without a motor fixation, they need to be operated with a rope, while with a motor in their structure, they can be operated with remote control. We can turn your manual roller window blind into a smart one with a remote control system. Both of them are made to last for years.

Why Select Our Brand?

Being a leading Dubai brand for blinds, we offer every treatment within a reasonable price range. Roller is a style name for blinds designed to roll or unroll their hardware to fulfil the user’s command. Book our roller blind services from maximum customization to expert installation with your single request.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Yes, these blinds offer maximum control, effortless operational measures and quick command responses. In an outdoor area, they help resist sun radiations and add privacy for maximum comfort.

Interior Designing is a leading brand for such blind services. We alter the functionality of your blinds from manual to electric by installing a motor in them. Manual roller blinds are easy to use; they need to be operated with a rope. But the motorized ones are left with no competition; they are effortless, timesavers, and very convenient to operate.

Being the #1 Dubai-based company for blinds and their services, Interior Designing provides various patterns, including floral, geometrical, line-art, and abstract designs. In the geometrical theme, we present blocks, triangular, pentagons, hexagons, and different blends of geometrical shapes. Moving towards evergreen floral patterns, we offer every flower species pattern, leaf pattern, and any floral art as per your requirement.

We have different blind design options for your bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms, outdoor areas, and offices. As per the requirement of interior decorum, we present different patterns and shades of luxurious roller blinds for maximum functionality and beautification purpose.

Roller blinds provide maximum light control, sound blockage, and keep the temperature balanced. They are easily maintainable even with low-care. Get these trendy window blinds and beautify your place’s interior with their attractive patterns.